Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After the suggestion of the lovely Colleen Ludovice (Inspired to Share), I became aware of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I have read the introduction and first chapter and I can already think of a series of resolutions to incorporate for myself.

I am very grateful on a daily basis for my life as a whole. Faith plays a tremendous role on this conviction; yet, it is our human frailty that often gets in the way of our loafty goals and good intentions. This is why I love the methodical and concrete approach that Gretchen uses, as we all have choices to make on a daily basis in order to contribute to our overall well-being (happiness) and therefore, that of others.

I have so many beautiful things I would like to do and share with my family, friends and my lovely blog readers. I began blogging with the idea to document and share all that which inspires me, and I have to remember that keeping things balanced will always be important in maintaining the original purpose of all projects.

I will look for more ways to enhance my level of happiness and joy (true joy), and this entails more sleep, better eating habits, and balancing many other aspects of life so that I am able to give more and better. This includes my time spent in prayer and in the presence of God, my family, friends and every person to whom I may be able to contribute to.

I hope that this little space reflects that love and dedication, so that you in turn, may be constantly inspired......

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  1. Aw thank you for the link love! Your blog is lovely. Cheers to happiness! xo