Monday, July 20, 2015


How delightful these summer days; filled with the opportunity to explore the unfamiliar and rest from scheduled days.
Reading wonderful written works, or listening to inspiring music. Taking a trip back in history, or letting the salt of the ocean clear your skin. Exploring ways to surprise the palate, and hunting for lovely little finds; these are the summer days...

Mornings by the window

Bright and serene surroundings
The marvelous ocean

The siren's song


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The time of year for holiday celebrations has swiftly arrived, and while the lists might get a bit long, we mainly wish to be present to others.

Simple and well executed details add a beautiful touch to each occasion and leave plenty of room for chatter, toasting and dessert.

No.1 | No.2 | No.3 | No.4

Monday, July 8, 2013

GIVE & TAKE № 02

A wonderful opportunity to give and take, all at the same time. These give either to people or the environment, allowing for a deeper meaning on each purchase/investment.

~ GIVE: Feed Projects scarf via Target

~ TAKE: Coloured gemstomes via Gemfields

Gemfields is the world's leading producer of ethically-sourced rare coloured gemstones. To find out more, visit their beautiful page and campaign video.

"It is a true luxury to own fine jewelry and gemstones. If you're in a position to do so, it's important to pay attention to where it came from and how it was produced" Mila Kunis Zambia 2013

FEED is dedicated to creating beautiful products to help feed the world. For more information and updates, visit their twitter page.

Monday, July 1, 2013


As the summer days envelop our lives, it is nice to enjoy lovely frozen treats that are both beautiful and delicious. Here are some of the ones I would like to try:

The lovely recipe sources can be found below:

No.01  Elderflower Sorbet: The original source for this recipe is in Danish; however, you may
            follow a similar one through this other source.

No.02  Honeydew Mint Iced Pops: A simple and fresh recipe with little variations available.

No.03  Gin and Tonic Sorbet: For a more sophisticated summer gathering, this lovely sorbet is the
            perfect alternative to classic cocktails.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


It is not a strange occurrence to find yourself surrounded by water; after all, our bodies are composed of 70% of this very lovely substance. Water plays such a major role in our everyday lives, that we run into it as soon as we begin the day. I was fascinated though, when I ran into the beautiful project of Casa del Agua. Located in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood.

This delightful water dwelling offers sophisticated filtration technology that brings forth artisan water that is pure, fresh and beautiful. Each lovely glass bottle is produced with great care, using the standards of Casa Del Agua, whose goal is to evoke and appeal to all which is well-made, and represents all that which is valued for what it is, and not for what it pretends to be.

lovely images via Casa del Agua

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am inspired by the simple and classic wrapping of these delightful little caramels. Something timeless about the sweets themselves; especially the ones immediately below, which are made within a small shop named Parlans, in Stockholm.

images via this lovely packaging board and martha stewart

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I hope you are having a lovely start of the year. A new beginning seems to many of us, as the perfect opportunity for transformation. Whether we decide to go for a brand new look or make changes around the house; every bit of it brings about, the possibility for beauty.

I find darker interiors elegant and mysterious; yet, they would be rather dull and somber without touches of light and brightness. A touch of white, gold and lighter wood tones bring the perfect balance and harmony to any room. Also worthy of mention, is the amount of light that pours in through each window during the day, as well as the right lighting fixtures to create the proper effect during night hours.


The above theory can be applied all the same with our interior life. We can add positive light to who we are and who we become, in order to bring harmony to ourselves and others around us. For a little reflection on this, you can stop by right here.

Have a lovely week!

No.01 bathroom via Steven Gambrel 
No.02 light wood and crystal via Marybloom
No.03 dark tones living space via Pinterest