Thursday, June 14, 2012

GIVE & TAKE № 01

There is absolutely so much more joy in giving (at least a longer lasting one), 
but it is fine to take every once in a while, so here you have it; a little give & take:

stylish scarf [always a classic]: alexander mcqueen via net-a-porter
beautiful scented candle [can be repurposed]: cire trudon vianet-a-porter


  1. Beautiful point! I get so much joy from giving and finding the perfect gift. I love the scarf choice and really do need to incorporate more scarfs into my wardrobe. I'm currently addicted to Etro scarves and hope to find a classic one to invest in soon! xx

  2. Love the take and to give post!! i like the skulls on the scarf i need one of those unfortunately my wallet isn't big enough for a mcqueen so i have to find me a similar one, oh and candles, would love to purchase a trudon. How would this smell?
    Btw, the new lay-out on your blog is looking very elegant, just like your post.

    Have a nice weekend!