Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February has come to an end; and as the rest of the year flashes by, I would like to make it a point to ensure that every moment is lived with purpose, and every action is backed up by great love. It is therefore my wish to share a few thoughts on how to be more present during each moment, despite the fast paced rhythm of our lives:

no.1 | have a lovely breakfast

Even if it is a cup of coffee and a piece of toast with jam, make it beautiful and enjoy your little meal, either by reading something lovely,  or making a mental picture of all the great possibilities within this new day; instead of the long to do list and the dreadful thought of not getting it finished.

no. 2 | step outside for a bit

Whether it is by a pressing deadline, a busy schedule or long hours in front of a little bright screen, take the time to pause and reach out to others around you. Maybe a little phone call, message, or remark, but make it a point to step outside of yourself and make someone else a bit happier.

no. 3 | document your day

At the end of each day, find time to jot down moments of the day which were little victories and those which might need work. Learn from every strength and weakness, be grateful, and look forward to a brand new day. A couple of favorites here and here.

images: no.1 by photographer trever hoehne no.2 via vineet kaur no.3 via matchbookmag no.4 via pinterest

Friday, February 24, 2012


1. grey linen pillow // 2. neon border scarf // 3.jcrew flats
4. triple strand wrap // 5. fold-over clutch // 6.wooden bangle

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Spring is around the corner and it is nice to find images of bold and bright colors everywhere I look; including the continuing trend of neon hues; which in combination with beloved neutral palettes, result in the right amount of contrast.

A little splash of color to carry you through the rest of winter.....

 images: [left] society6 [right] marie claire

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


and a very fat one indeed.... it is a day in which I might indulge a bit with tasty sweets and perhaps a flat bread pizza with arugula and prosciutto. Maybe a sip of bubbly or a lovely latte; still trying to decide, but without a doubt, something tasty and divine, because tomorrow I will begin a forty-day journey into lent, a period of reflection and self-control that may keep me grounded and grateful for all that is and peaceful for that which isn't......

image via eclat event design

Friday, February 17, 2012


1. glass nut bowl || 2. trina turk dew drop earrings || 3. mk slice ring
4. mk barrell ring || 5. link bracelet || 6. tortoise and gold bracelet watch
7. tortoise bow pump || 8. marc jacobs wide hinge cuff || 9. round sunglasses

Thursday, February 16, 2012


by the classic touch of tortoise when well balanced and combined with gold.......

image via zara

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012


While browsing the latest Vogue issue I could not help but stop at one of their articles where shoe designer, Tabitha Simmons opened the doors (literally gorgeous doors) of her five-story townhouse in New York.

A very minimal; yet whimsical style is reflected throughout the space, and my favorite detail is no-doubt the use of paned glass windows and doors; which allow for generous amounts of light to infiltrate every room, while adding great architectural detail to the tall-standing facade.

photos by Francois Halard for Vogue

In keeping with the inspiration, the below shower enclosure has a perfect industrial vintage look.

shower image via remodelista

Thursday, February 2, 2012


How lovely to start a brand new month, and a very loved-filled one indeed. I got to start it all with a
night at the opera. My husband planned the date well in advance and we were delighted by the sounds
of Verdi's La Traviata, where I found myself pondering at the great distance one may go for another.

                              lovely images via 1| 2| 3

Love is found both in small details and magnanimous sacrifices, and I could not help but be reminded
of my writings from several years ago..............

How to Preserve a Given Treasure

Do not let the everyday debris cover the beauty
of that wonderful treasure you have been given.

Go ahead; dust it off, as dust is superfluous,
it is worthless; it is nothing but particles of matter
regarded as the result of disintegration.
It makes it opaque; impenetrable by light.

Quite the contrary, try to polish it, to remove
the outer layers, so that its shine and beauty are everlasting.

Remember; dust is inevitable, but with a good piece of cloth,
and the willingness to make it shine; its beauty will be preserved
for years to come

Do not let this happen to you, that when a day comes
that your treasure appears dusty and useless,
you dispose of it thinking it has lost its worth.

Someone then may unbury such wonder and polish it to perfection,
finding great enjoyment, in the midst of an ever dusty world

have a lovely february, xoxo