Friday, December 30, 2011


The clock is ticking and we get to enjoy the last moments of 2011 and prepare to receive 2012 in a special
way. I have given some thought to my resolutions and they mainly involve staying more organized!

As a child I would spend hours reorganizing my room/closet and even my mother's storage room. I loved the
feel and look of a neatly organized space and the hours spent on the task were absolutely worth it just by
looking at the end result; however, the challenge has always been to maintain the beautiful scene and avoid
any sign of chaos. It is said that the secret is to have a place for every single item and return to its original state
after each use, but when one runs short in both space and time, the dilemma arises. I especially wish I had
more room to spare for both my office and pantry.

This year I am attempting to keep things simple; yet organized and beautiful no matter what. I wish you much
success in your goals for the coming year, and may they all bring joy to your life and that of others. I am looking
forward to bringing many sources of inspiration throughout the brand new year. XOXO

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope that everyone had the opportunity to share great moments with family and friends during this festive
season. For those of you who thought it went too fast, do not worry and be consoled by the fact that the
Christmas celebration lasts 12 days, from the 25th to the 6th of the brand new year, so go ahead, enjoy some
more and be confident with jingles and merry tunes, for the joy continues on.........


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As Christmas draws closer, I hope that you have been able to enjoy a good cup of hot cocoa, listen to festive music, sit by the fireplace and write to your loved ones; if not, it is never too late, go ahead and enjoy this season which should always bring joy to our hearts.

For those of you pressed for time, I can certainly relate, and this year, I am gifting all my loved ones with an awesome certificate created by my dear friend Anna; as I find that often, the gift of time is what we all really have at the top of our wish list.

It is common that while you seek for perfect little gifts, you may run into a little eye candy, and today I would
like to share a lovely little place in Gloucestershire: Daylesford Farmshop. I find it quaint, yet minimal and updated, and I only wish I could stop by and enjoy some of their goods. Their online shop is currently closed for the Holidays, but maybe next year you could stop by.

I hope you have a beautiful week and remember to stay in the spirit. xoxo

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