Monday, April 9, 2012


I hope you had a lovely weekend. I am very glad to celebrate these beautiful days of Easter where I am reminded of the many gifts of my life and the opportunity to make all things new; all of which can be greatly rewarding, especially after a long period of reflection. This might very well be the perfect time to work on some spring cleaning and redirect personal goals.

I was very glad to find lovely Easter projects from other bloggers, but I was particularly impressed by Kelly's (Fabulous K) elegant color choices; specially the beautiful gold, reminiscent of everything glorious and Mowie Kay's contrast between dark and light, which almost reminds me of an Easter Vigil Mass; where one goes from darkness to light as the celebration progresses;  truly a reflection of our own spiritual progress.....

P.S. Another little project that made me glad was Jessica's clever idea for Pantone color eggs on HowAboutOrange, such a fun take on Easter!

lovely images via vans-elle and boxwood clippings

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