Monday, April 2, 2012


Recently I had the opportunity to visit an exposition where ancient Egyptian treasures were gracefully displayed and beautiful carvings on granite, alabaster, and limestone formed intriguing statues and other objects. I was particularly pleased by the colorful combination of red,blue,turquoise and gold on some of the beading works and I could picture wardrobe pieces or a table setting using some of that lovely inspiration.

As I entertained my ancient musing, I ran across this beautiful shoot done for rue magazine during the summer of last year. It is perfectly put together and I love the use of different materials for the table setting, very reminiscent of those described above. I love the use of tall crystal cylinders to house smaller mercury glass candle holders. I am immediately inspired for an outdoor gathering using bold color and rich textures.

all lovely images by Jose Villa for Rue Magazine / summer 2011 styled by Canvas and Canopy

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  1. I just love these photos. So gorgeous!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}