Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It is good to be back in this little space, I am sorry to have been amiss as I have been sidetracked by a beautiful upcoming project. There were numerous times within the past few days when I wished to have shared daily bits of inspiration, I wish nonetheless, to be able to share a bit this week and regain some momentum.

One of the beautiful sights these days were white magnolias, even on a cloudy day, the bright white elegance of these beauties brought a sense of happiness and inspiration. You might remember the beautiful  pink liliflora ones I posted at the beginning of spring, and these other species bring as much beauty to my surroundings.

white magnolias within bud vases: image photographed by Victoria Pearson for The best of Martha Stewart Living found via PW onbluepoolroad

many other lovely magnolia images were found via pinterest and were pinned within the 'florals' board. enjoy!

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  1. Magnolia is one of my favourite flowers!