Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Good morning to all! there is nothing more amazing than to wake up to the smell of coffee on a not so warm little day. Today's inspiration is coffee & donuts and it is appropriate to add that when it comes to comfort foods, one can always remain creative and tend to little details that may turn a simple treat into an epicurean one, and such might be the case with a couple of donut bars I came across.
One of them, a lovely bar that allows guests to taste different coffee and doughnut flavors then rate them on beautifully designed cards. The second one is a creative display of doughnuts captured by one love photo.

Don't you love the little images below? So clever to use a simple coffee stirrer to make the doughnut flag. A very great example of how one can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

lovely images : mini donuts :: cafe au lait

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  1. Pretty pictures :) I can't get my hands off coffee even though I'm trying. Went down to one cup a day, but it's stil a big cup... There's nothing better.