Friday, December 30, 2011


The clock is ticking and we get to enjoy the last moments of 2011 and prepare to receive 2012 in a special
way. I have given some thought to my resolutions and they mainly involve staying more organized!

As a child I would spend hours reorganizing my room/closet and even my mother's storage room. I loved the
feel and look of a neatly organized space and the hours spent on the task were absolutely worth it just by
looking at the end result; however, the challenge has always been to maintain the beautiful scene and avoid
any sign of chaos. It is said that the secret is to have a place for every single item and return to its original state
after each use, but when one runs short in both space and time, the dilemma arises. I especially wish I had
more room to spare for both my office and pantry.

This year I am attempting to keep things simple; yet organized and beautiful no matter what. I wish you much
success in your goals for the coming year, and may they all bring joy to your life and that of others. I am looking
forward to bringing many sources of inspiration throughout the brand new year. XOXO

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  1. Such beautiful spaces. I wish I owned one of these :)